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This is an index I’ve compiled of my tags so you can view pictures of whatever country, region, or continent you want! Keep in mind that most of the countries listed will not have been posted - after all, there are a lot of them and my blog is relatively new! If you have any countries you’d like to see posted, feel free to make a request in my ask box or submit some of your own!

**Please note:**
a.) It took a really long time to do this so for now, I will not be adding links for specific cities, states, or sights. However, I still tag photos when I post them so you can always search manually. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please check the F.A.Q. 

b.) Places that are territories of other countries are always posted with their own tag as well as with the country that they are the territory of. For example, if I post a picture of Tahiti, it will be posted under the tags “Tahiti” and “France.” As with cities, states, and sights, I will not be posting tags for territories and you can find them by searching manually. 

c.) I know that there are politics involved with several of these countries being categorized as, well, countries. I am not in any way voicing my political views and opinions by including or excluding them. I will update this section if the status of any of these countries officially changes. 


North America

South America

Oceania and Pacific Islands

Europe (Eastern Europe, Northern Europe)

* = also considered Asia

Asia (Middle East, Southeast Asia)